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Hi, I'm Gary Mayfield, and I am the 'Man Behind The Lights'! I've always enjoyed the Christmas season, ever since I was a child, from the time it brought with family, cutting down the tree, decorating inside and out. Coming from a family with a mechanical / machining background and my love of Christmas, it was kind of fitting that I combine the two.


I started putting lights up back when I was just 10 years old, over 32 years ago, man, that sure was a while ago! We would get together for Thanksgiving and while everyone was taking naps after the big meal, I was outside getting the lights and cords out. I remember being told many times to come inside, and that it was getting late; but I wouldn't come in till I had everything up!


Nothing has really changed over the last 32 years when it comes to Christmas, besides some gray hair. Once I found out about animated lights that you could make dance to music, I felt like a child again as this was something new to incorporate into my display. For the last 10 years I have been doing some kind of animated musical light display, although like most, what started as just a hobby, for me, turned into a real passion!


Advancement of technology has played a big part in how the display is done now. While in years past, we used the normal string lights that you can find at your local store, we have stepped into the future making the transition over to pixels. Basically, a red, green, and blue LED that has a mini computer hooked to them that we can tell them to do what we want via a computer. It's a lot of year long planning, building props, and programming; along with everyday life things of course that need taken care of.


But every year, as I sit in the house while people are watching the lights, it's the "Look at that!", the "That's pretty!" and the singing from kids that I can hear inside my home that makes me stop and think how much I loved this time of year as a child. If all the hard work that is put into my display is only seen by one person, and it has a positive affect on someone, then it's all worth it.

For the safety of our viewers, we have moved our lights to the side of our property for the coming 2024 season. This will create a safer viewing area off the highway.

Please check out the map so you

can see this year's changes!

We can't wait to see you!


We are so happy to be able to accept donations throughout the season to help the Food Bank of Northern Indiana! Each year we help hundreds to thousands by collecting food donations.

Want to find ways to help this great organization?

You can visit Food Bank of Northern Indiana directly, HERE!


As always, you can bring any canned or dry goods to the

Big Red Donation Box  any time the lights are on!

2023 was one of our best years yet, thanks to all of you!

We proudly raised $350 and received 347 lbs in food donations!



November 29 - December 31

Sun - Thurs 5:30PM - 10PM

Fri & Sat      5:30PM - 11PM

Eastern Time


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